Peace of mind
for caregivers.

Age Sage Dementia Naviguide™ empowers you to provide the best care to your loved one with on-call guidance and a personalized library. It is a lifeline on your smartphone.

Who is Dementia Naviguide for?

Are you exhausted and burned out?  
We created Dementia Naviguide to be with you as you care for your loved one, even if you are feeling isolated at this time.

It is as easy as a text message to get answers when you need them. Members receive:

  • On-Call Guidance: From your phone
  • Personalized Library: Videos & eBooks
  • Dementia Compass: Assessment

So many people are feeling isolated right now as they care for their loved ones. 

That is why we are offering 60 days of membership for just $1, then only $39 a month to continue receiving support.
We hope you will join us!


"Because of your program my mom had the very best of care during the last 18 months of her life! I can't thank you enough for your care of me as well as my mom as we figured our how to proceed on this journey together!!!"

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Mary Ann K.

"We have interviews with a couple of caregivers to make sure we have support lined up for after my mom has her surgery. Thanks again for providing the impetus for us to develop a plan. We so much appreciate the help you provided!"

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Pamela S.

"With your help my parents are happy and healthy in their own home. And, I have the freedom to make the best out of a difficult situation. I take great comfort in knowing that [your online resources] will be there to help."

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Ben P.

"Dr Cheryl -Your website is incredibly rich in both content and style ~ WOW!!! I just looked at several modules and I honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen a better resource for elders. I am definitely going to share this with other folks too. Even your logo is classic!! Most impressed and appreciative."

Chuck W.

"Dr Cheryl, Words cannot express how grateful we are for all that you do for my mother. You are an amazing person who has helped to restore my faith in humanity. After a number of years of banging our heads against the wall you have made life somuch nicer. Thank you for being loving, caring, and tough when you need to. I am eternally grateful for everything you do to make the lives of my mother and brother richer and more fulfilling. Your gentle spirit has touched my family’s life and brought peace to my soul. With deepest gratitude for all you do."

Laurel S.

Equip yourself with
Dementia Naviguide™

When a loved one has dementia, your world turns upside down and you can feel alone. The road ahead is uncertain. At Age Sage, we've been down the road ahead. Dementia Naviguide was created to guide you through every step of the journey. We are here with you and for you.
Monthly membership includes:

On-Call Guidance

▸ Private Text Advice
▸ Daily Audio Reflections
▸ Regular Group Video or Phone Calls with Dr. Cheryl

Coming soon:
▸ Daily Tracking via Text

Personalized Library

▸ Caregiver Guide eBook
▸ Essential Info Notebook eBook
▸ Self-Care Journal eBook
▸ Daily Tracking Sheets
▸ 18 Video Classes
New content added regularly

Dementia Compass

▸ Our team will use the Dementia Compass to assess your loved one's stage of dementia. This will help you avoid a predictable crisis and take proactive steps. You'll be able to plan for current and future needs.

About Age Sage and Dr. Cheryl

The mission of Age Sage is equip you to navigate life's challenges, empower you to make critical choices with the one's you love as they age, and enrich your life with a renewed sense of self-worth, confidence, and peace of mind.

The Age Sage support team is led by Cheryl Mathieu, Ph.D., M.S.W., an inspiring leader and nationally recognized expert on elder care and advocacy for over 20 years. She received the (O) Oprah Magazine / White House Leadership Training award for her work developing online resources for eldercare. She is a Qualified Dementia Care Specialist and Dementia Care Provider by the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America. She has also earned the designation of Care Manager, Certified (CMC) issued by the National Academy of Certified Care Managers.


$1 for 60 Days

Get the answers and support you need today.

These are unprecedented times, and even though we are social distancing, you do not need to feel isolated! I really hope to meet you in the membership. I know it will help you care for your loved one, and move closer to peace of mind. You don't have to be alone anymore.



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